Michael Kors vs. Forever21

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future” Psalm 31:25

There’s that verse again. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Walking around with a strength and dignity that are so real it’s like you’re wearing them. Laughing at the future and anything that tries to scare you or shake your confidence. We may try to do that and think it’s convincing, but get real.

It just so happens that is exactly what God wants for us AND what He offers us.

The problem is we would rather look to things in this world for security, so instead we walk around wearing brightly colored insecurity pants or pink camouflage overcompensation dresses (get it…pink camo is like the opposite of camo because it draws more attention than anything…so it’s pretending it’s something it’s not…and it’s ugly).

So basically we need to change where we shop. We are stuck in Forever21 while Michael Kors is chillin in the closet.

We try on and buy 50 outfits only to get tired of them after wearing them once, rip them, or my favorite – get home and realize they actually look horrible in normal lighting. Sometimes I convince myself something looks good because I want it to look and feel good…but the love handles don’t lie like my brain does. Shoot.

So there we are, empty wallet because we spent so much money, pissed because we feel ten lbs heavier than we did when we left for the mall, while the unopened gift boxes sit there. We have no idea what is really in them because we have not opened them. We choose not to open them because we don’t want to be disappointed and it can’t be anything more than what we have tried on already, or so we think.


  1. Why would we turn down free clothes? Who cares where they are from?
  2. If we never even take the time to unwrap the boxes, we will never know what was really inside. What if they really ARE better than anything we have tried on ourselves?

Now let’s rewind for a minute and pretend I told you what was in the gift boxes and you still refused to open them. Michael Kors sounds nice, sure, but it’s probably not REALLY in there and even if it was, you would have to take off the outfit you finally put together after hours of trying things on (even though you know the second you sit down the wrong way that lace is toast). It took you so long to get something to look even halfway decent, you don’t want to take it off and start over.

Oh. Okay then. Sucks to suck (that is probably what I would say or maybe I would slap you idk).

This is basically what we do with God. He HAS TOLD US what He can give us, what He wants to give us, and we still won’t even take the time to open the gift. He offers a security beyond anything we can find here on earth and a confidence that cannot be shaken but we refuse to try it on.

He is patient, and He loves us, so it is never too late to accept the gifts. We have to unwrap them though, which means actually taking the time to explore who He is, read the Bible, make an effort to get to know Him. When we do, we find out it wasn’t really that much of an effort after all, and certainly not one that equals the gifts we receive.

Aren’t you tired of feeling like your pants are see-thru? I know I am. Deuces Forever21 (jk I will never stop shopping there I am broke and they have the best crop tops)

By the way, let me assure you that if the day comes when I give you something Michael Kors and you turn it down, I will not ask you twice – I will keep it for myself. Thankfully, God is not like that 🙂


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